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  • Transportation
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1006Brooklands Automobile Racing Club, Official Race Card Pamphlet, July 20, 1907
  • Document, Pamphlet
  • Transportation, Automobile, Racing Car
  • Brooklands Automobile Racing Club
  • Harrison & Sons
  • 1907-07-20
Pamphlet with race cards for six auto races held at the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club track in Surrey, England. The race cards include the names of drivers and information about their cars for each race. People Mentioned: L. Aspinall, F. C. Baisley, G. S. Barwick, M. Ross Browne, O. E. Bush, W. E. Bushby, F. Coleman, E. De Rodakowski, M. Duray, A. V. Ebblewhite, S. F. Edge, A. Farnell, F. R. Fry, S. Girling, G. W. Goldsmith, H. V. Hermon, J. B. Hissey, H. E. Hives, J. Hodierne, H. C. L. Holden, G. L. Hinds Howell, J. E. Hutton, E. M. C. Instone, G. Ison, D. Jameson, Charles Jarrott, N. Littlejohn, W. T. Lord, N. Macklin, A. S. Manning, E. Manville, P. Martin, H. J. S. Moyses, F. Newton, H. Owen, W. E. D. Owen, H. R. Pope, A. Rawlinson, B. Redwood, D. Resta, C. D. Rose, C. Sangster, S. Saunderson, T. Sopwith, G. E. Taylor, T. Thornycroft, H. C. Tryon, Adrien de Turckheim, H. Vincent, A. Huntley Walker, C. Grahame White, C. Harman Wigan, W. R. Wills [show more]
1001Leslie Brewer, Freddy Richardson and William Dolliver Homemade Car Postcard, c. 1908
  • Image, Photograph
  • Transportation, Automobile, Racing Car
  • 1908 c.
A homemade car built by Leslie Brewer, Freddy Richardson and William Dolliver of Bar Harbor, Maine. The message on the back claims it is "the first auto in town." People Mentioned: Leslie Brewer, Willie Dolliver, Freddy Richardson Black and white